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Karen Wheeler

Hi y'all!  Thank you for visiting my site. Cooking food is how I love my people. My grandmother had a big hand in raising me, and at a young age I learned by observing her in the garden to cooking up authentic Korean food in the kitchen, until I was old enough to help.  My father is from the south and was a great cook himself. Growing up, I ate a lot of his boiled peanuts, collard greens, tomato gravy over rice and banana pudding ... all of dad's favorites from the low country. Fast forward some years, and I married a cajun from NOLA, so my love for spicy cajun food is real. I've had a lot of practice in the kitchen and have realized there is no right or wrong way to cook, but cooking food always brings people together.   My preference is cooking without measuring ingredients. I hope you enjoy my recipes and share them with your people too.


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